The digital token, backed by the value of the S & P500 index on the GLOBEX stock exchange, provides individuals and organizations with a reliable and decentralized method of exchanging the value of this exchange instrument.

The blockchain is a verifiable and cryptographically secure global registry. Token holders can take advantage of the blockchain technology to perform secure storage of tokens, as well as transfer it to other users of the blockchain.

In order to ensure the accountability and stability of the exchange price, we offer audit methods between the token and related reserves of real-world assets that provide the real value of the S & P500 stock index at any time.
Our implementation has the following advantages over the classic ability to purchase and store an asset from a broker:
  • The token is issued on largely decentralized blockchains and excludes the possibility of centralized asset balance management;
  • The token can be used like any other cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, i.e. p2p, pseudo-anonymous, decentralized and cryptological secure;
  • The token of SP500 can be integrated with merchants, exchangers, the exchanges it is also easy as well as any cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin;
  • The SP500 token has a well-known ERC20 standard, which allows it to be added to all cryptocouples supporting this standard;
  • Token SP500 can be traded on decentralized exchanges, without restrictions;
  • Token SP500 uses a simple and transparent approach to provide proof of reserves that significantly reduces the risks of the reserve asset keeper;
  • The issue or buyback of an SP500 token will not face any price or liquid restrictions. Users can buy or sell as many tokens as they want, quickly and with very low commissions;
  • Implementation of the index in the token ERC20 much easier for non-professional users who are not traders and do not have accounts with brokers;
  • The implementation of the ERC20 in the token also reduces brokerage costs through token demand and liquidity;
Technological stack and processes.
Technological stack and processes.
Each token issued in circulation will be provided in a single ratio to the equivalent number of exchange-traded instruments or their aggregate, which 100% match the value of the token to the S & P 500 index. These could be futures and ETFs on the S & P 500 index.
S&P Crypto Technology Stack
The stack has 3 layers and many functions that are best understood using a diagram.
Technical process of fund
There are five steps in the token lifecycle that are best understood using a diagram.
Proof PoR Reserves
Proof of Reserves, Real ­ Time Transparency are increasingly heard across the cryptocurrency industry. The audits of exchanges and wallets in their current form are very unreliable. The failure of the Etherium Ecosystem has been confirmed many times, either through hacking, inefficient management or outright fraud.
Why the S&P 500 (Rationale)
Futures and other derivatives of the S & P 500 Index are the most traded in the world. Trillions of dollars go through the bidding weekly. The companies represented in the index represent almost entirely the world economy. Which makes it possible to talk about unlimited trust in the instrument as a whole and its participants. Unlike other steblecoins, the SP500 is globally growing, i.e., it always shows new maximum values at the average time interval (See graph https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/SPX/?exchange=TVC).