Increase in the value of money

The increase in value occurs in the global economy, in major global companies and brands. Often due to increased work efficiency, often due to new technologies.

The increase in value also occurs in various bonds, government and corporate.

But where 100% money-back reliability and stability of the base currency is usually the growth rate is not very high. In the US, this is slightly less than 2% on 10-year bonds today. With comparable inflation.

Corporations have a higher%, but the risk of defaults is not equal to zero.

In Europe, a rather problematic situation has developed for participants in the economy. Inflation is above 1%, and the rate on government bonds is negative. Thus, a blow to the value of money is applied from two sides.

Do not forget about the chronic depreciation of traditional fiat money.

Together with, we created cryptocurrencies on the ERC-20 platform that are fully equivalent to traditional exchange-traded instruments. Having preserved the basic crypto value at the same time, instant and extremely cheap transfer all over the world between crypto wallets.

The tools of our project will help you maintain and increase the value of your assets, which the monetary authorities select when using fiat money.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand the fundamental difference between our tools and many cryptocurrencies (projects or startups), this is verifiable and understandable pricing (stablecoins). SP500 is the main index and marker of the global economy.

Therefore, it is very popular among global financial institutions and one of our main tokens.