Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The difference.

I want to explain the difference between traditional cryptocurrencies, which are an electronic share of various utopian ecosystem projects,

it is not clear that they are based on the blockchain technology itself, which allows transferring any assets of any structural complexity and configuration to the crypto basis.

And the essence is not the technology on which the asset is built, but what lies at its core. Because now there’s a general fear of some kind of word starting with “crypto”. This is due to the fact that a huge number of investors got on these cryptocurrencies without understanding what they are investing in.

Before investing in something, you need to understand the essence of the project and the tool, and not succumb to universal blind excitement. Nevertheless, at the moment, even the Chinese Central Bank has created its own cryptocurrency and will be promoting it intensively.

Over time, I think that people will actively use different monetary instruments choosing the most convenient of them. And the choice will be like mobile phones now or banks. For every taste and request. The money world is rapidly moving towards maximum efficiency and lower costs.

In our stablemoney market project, we are just taking a significant step forward by providing a wide range of such tools with different mechanisms and functions. As well as various potential returns.

Detailed information is on the project website, also in my lectures or webinars, I will talk about all the subtleties of their use.