Stablecoins are a hybrid type of crypto asset that is designed to maintain its stable value.

For experienced cryptocurrency players, stablecoins are nothing new. The first full-fledged stablecoin appeared in 2015. And for the first time, they started talking about its creation at the dawn of the development of the crypto industry - in 2012.

During the first 9 months of last year, about 30 new stablecoin projects were created.


This project is a structural fund that provides the production and circulation of money of a new type, stablecoins of a new generation, profitable instruments replacing the usual fiat money in economic circulation and in the investment sphere. Our tools are built on the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) model. The mechanism previously available only to the largest banks is now presented to the widest circle of participants. Combining the convenience of exchange tools and the new blockchain technology, new money will very quickly replace old and familiar ones. The structure includes a legal entity registered in Estonia and having an open account in the top American broker In this account, there are reserves and assets providing a 100% correlation between the value of tokens and reserves. For the convenience of users, we will give recommendations on compiling a token portfolio

Stablecoins variety

Provided with assets. In this case, each token is provided by precious metal, fiat currency, and other physical assets. An example of this type of stablecoins is Tether, Alprockz, and TrueUSD.
Provided with cryptocurrency. This kind of stablecoins is provided by a more significant and, accordingly, stable cryptocurrency asset with a liquidation premium. An example is Haaven and MakerDAO.
With a mechanism to adjust the volume of the proposal. This form of stablecoins provides an algorithm that is responsible for controlling the stability of the value of the token. This adjustment mechanism is similar to the Central Bank 's policy on fiat currencies. Kowala, Carbon and Basis projects are an example of such steablocines.
Hybrid. The basis of this type of stablecoins is a combination of two or more of the models described above. For example, the Saga project combines the characteristics of tokens that are provided with real assets and has a proposal volume adjustment mechanism similar to the reservation mechanism used by central banks.


S&P 500 Index Token
Token tied to the S&P 500 index price. Token dynamics are fully consistent with the S & P 500 stock exchange index because in token reserves, a set of tools with 100% correlation with the index (futures, SPY ETFs, options, etc. ) . It is medium and long-term growth due to the profitability of companies included in the index.
A token tied to US Treasury securities and having current yields equal to those of US 30-year government bonds. This interest is charged daily to the USTR Token reserves placed in these papers and accordingly the Token itself reflects this in its current price. At the current rate of 2.5% APR: 1, USTR is expensive per day at 0.00685 USDT. The current rate is displayed on the site.
US Treasuries Bond Token
Token Russian government bonds fund
Token tied to the basket of Russian government bonds OFD. Having an approximate yield of about 6-7% per annum. Convenient for use during periods of strengthening of the ruble and fall of crypto. Daily adds the average market rate on 5-years bonds. USDT is recalculated at the USD exchange rate on the MICEX stock exchange. Calculation formula: / the rate USD on MICEX.
Token built on selling increased volatility through direct instrumentation like VIX futures or options on the S & P 500. Historically, it is the most successful strategy in the stock market. ETFs built on this model have exponential cost increases. To increase growth, 0.1 -0.5% from transactions with this token will be cut into reserves and provision or burning of tokens. The issue is only 10 million. This model has been successfully used by Goldman Sachs for 8 years (at least). Short Volatility S&P500 Index Token
Short Volatility S&P500 Index Token
Agri-Land Token
Token with annually distributed ownership returns of 10% or higher. In addition to the increase in land value. Token tied to the value of agricultural land and having annual income from its operation from 10% and higher. In the reserves of the project, there are plots of agricultural land in processing in the Tambov region of Russia and having the whole range of fixed assets for the production cycle
A token tied to the price of gold on NYMEX Secured gold traded on Forex can be delivered physically when the token is presented for conversion. Gold Metal Token
Gold Metal Token
Token Fund of the Financial Mathematical Laboratory.
The financial and mathematical laboratory for modeling exchange tools, released its cryptocurrency to facilitate interaction with customers. The creation of a public fund and the issuance of a crypto token is the continuation of successful three-year work as a management structure with a close private fund. The mathematical model used showed a total return for three years of 460% in USDAAPL APPLE stock token, a mirror in Apple stock blockchain. For ease of trade and exchange with other market participants Token APPLE share
APPLE stock token, a mirror in Apple stock blockchain. For ease of trade and exchange with other market participants
Token APPLE share
Token Light Sweet Crude Oil
Token tied to the price of Light Sweet Crude Oil traded on the exchange NYMEX Token tied to the price of Light Sweet Crude Oil traded on the exchange NYMEX. It is a Light Sweet crude oil produced in the state of Texas (West Texas Intermediate, WTI). The most-traded grade of oil.